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Douglas Robson is a freelance journalist based in San Francisco, Calif. He is the lead tennis writer for USA Today and has covered sports ranging from hockey to soccer to the iditarod. He also writes about business and sports business.
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Shorter tennis season means more time for exhibitions
November 16, 2012 USA Today
Like almost every player at the season-ending World Tour Finals, the 28-year-old Serb complained of mental and physical fatigue, which in his case was compounded by a recent virus.
Federer takes on role as backroom power broker
November 4, 2012 USA Today
7:59PM EST November 4. 2012 - LONDON -- In a career spanning three decades, Roger Federer has assumed an increasing number of roles -- husband, father, company spokesman, and of course, to many, greatest player of all time.
Lendl-Murray partnership pays dividends
September 5, 2012 USA Today
NEW YORK – When Andy Murray came a few points from beating then-No. 1 Novak Djokovic in a nearly five-hour slugfest in January's Australian Open semifinals, pundits pointed to an unsmiling man in the players' box for Murray's almost upset.
Andy Roddick's career ends at U.S. Open
September 5, 2012 USA Today
NEW YORK – Andy Roddick knew the curtain had to come down on his stellar career at some point. Even his mother knew that.
Seductive, destructive and on the rise: the drop shot
August 29, 2012 USA Today
NEW YORK – Like sliding, attempting a drop shot on hardcourts was once considered a creative, risky play. Mostly, it was just plain desperate.
The overhead smash in today's game? Underwhelming
August 26, 2012 USA Today
In his second-round match at Wimbledon in June, Andy Roddick whipped a forehand up the line and charged the net, setting up an easy overhead smash off his opponent's weak reply.
Simply the best: The golden era of men's tennis
August 27, 2012 USA Today
NEW YORK – Sometimes the winds of historical chance converge. Fifth-century Greece produced the Parthenon and Plato. The Age of Enlightenment championed Voltaire and Isaac Newton.
U.S. Open: The toughest test in tennis
August 14, 2012 USA Today
When it comes to evolutionary theory, Charles Darwin could have conducted research on the sizzling summer pavement in the borough of Queens.
Maria Sharapova has a sweet new gig: Candy seller
August 20, 2012 USA Today
Few athletes have shown Maria Sharapova's acumen for exploiting the geometry of a tennis court and the calculus of commercial opportunity.
Federer denies Murray, Britain, wins seventh Wimbledon title
July 8,2012 USA Today
WIMBLEDON, England – Roger Federer is used to chasing down Pete Sampras' records. And why not? There aren't many left.
Best weapon in game: It's Serena's serve
July 5, 2012 USA Today
WIMBLEDON, England – Serena Williams had the perfect word to describe the most dangerous weapon in women's tennis.
Swinging, midcourt volley plays increasingly major role
July 1, 2012 USA Today
WIMBLEDON, England – Truer bounces, slower court speed and equipment advances that have made charging the net a riskier proposition have been eroding that staple of grass court tennis — the volley — for years.
Is serving first big advantage? Maybe not, stats say
June 28,2012 USA Today
WIMBLEDON, England – For the better part of John Isner's three-day epic win against Nicolas Mahut in 2010, the American had the upper hand. In the deciding set, which finished 70-68, he served first.
Just right for winning a Slam: Not too old, not too young
June 26, 2012 USA Today
WIMBLEDON, England – Old is in.At Wimbledon, an Open-era record 34 men older than 30 are entered in singles, eclipsing the high of 33 in 1978.
Umpires to get a grunt-o-meter in new WTA plan
June 25, 2012 USA Today
WIMBLEDON, England – The pin-drop quiet of Wimbledon's Centre Court long has showcased women tennis' best players as well as its noisiest.
Hip injuries in men's tennis no longer game, set, match
June 24, 2012 USA Today
WIMBLEDON, England – The modern men's tennis game has not been kind to hips.
Djokovic not dominant in 2012, but he wins in clutch
June 6, 2012 USA Today
PARIS – A year ago Novak Djokovic won with his body — the elastic winners from defensive positions, the precise redirections, the relentless stamina and unimpeachable footwork.
French Open struggles to make schedule fit
June 4, 2012 USA Today
Tennis on the crushed red brick of Roland Garros has never been better.
Twitter's troublesome side resurfaces in tennis
June 1, 2012 USA Today
PARIS – Ask most players about Twitter and they'll usually praise it as another way to stay connected to supporters across time zones and continents.
Mardy Fish recovers after scary heart ailment
May 28, 2012 USA Today
For weeks, Mardy Fish was afraid to close his eyes and fall asleep, living his own terrifying version of A Nightmare on Elm Street.
Occupy tennis? Income inequality grows on ATP Tour
March 14,2012 USA Today
INDIAN WELLS, Calif. – When billionaire owner Larry Ellison offered to sweeten the pot for this year's BNP Paribas Open— boosting the singles winner's check to a cool $1 million — it appeared to be prize-money manna from heaven.
Is it time for tennis to bring in shot clock?
March 8, 2012 USA Today
INDIAN WELLS, Calif. – Novak Djokovic's five-set Australian Open thriller against Rafael Nadal left fans on their feet and the two players barely able to stand.
Roddick focuses on getting healthy, playing matches
February 14,2012 USA Today
SAN JOSE – Andy Roddick is pressing the reboot button on his 2012 season.
Where did talent go? U.S. tennis' 'Lost Generation'
January 24, 2012 USA Today
MELBOURNE, Australia – At eight years and counting, this American men's Grand Slam drought is the longest in history. The singles' dry spell dates to Andy Roddick's 2003 U.S. Open victory.
U.S. tennis struggles with generational divide
January 20, 2012 USA Today
MELBOURNE, Australia – To Sloane Stephens and her young American peers, the Williams sisters are virtual deities.
WTA hearing gripes about players' shrieking
January 17, 2012 USA Today
MELBOURNE, Australia – Even at night, Jelena Jankovic can't exorcise the echoing shrieks.

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